Youngjae celebrates her mom’s birthday with a gift …


Now that the GOT7 promotions for the DYE era have ended, each of the members has returned to rest or to continue their individual activities, Youngjae this break gave him the opportunity to celebrate his mom’s birthday, but he did it a very fun way.

The JYP Entertainment vocalist recently joined as a DJ for a series of shows on Idol Radio, where he shared space with DAY6’s Young K, however he took a space to celebrate a special occasion with his family.

Youngjae’s mom turned one more year and, as the situation in South Korea has improved, she was able to get together with some of her loved ones, of course her beloved son Youngjae could not miss the celebration.

In honor of this special day, the idol shared a fun photograph taken by his nephew, in which we see Youngjae with an ornament hanging on his neck. These types of bows are usually placed in gifts that are given on dates like this, especially when it comes to flowers.

While Youngjae raises both hands making the symbol of love and peace, the pink ribbons of the bow read the message ‘your gift is me’, a detail that stole smiles from her followers who will probably apply a similar technique to celebrate Mother’s Day during this quarantine.

Youngjae recently released her second drama OST, which is named ‘Fall in Love’ and is part of the story for When My Love Blooms, a k-drama starring groupmate Jinyoung.


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