Young Sheldon: What we suspected about the death of Sheldon’s father in the spin-off


According to the story told by the main show The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s father (Jim Parsons) died when he was just a 14-year-old boy. With the Young Sheldon spinoff now at that crucial stage, fans can’t help but worry that George’s (Lance Barber) end is near. However, the creator seems to be looking for a way to avoid this tragic story.

For the creatives behind the Young Sheldon spinoff, it’s something they haven’t actively thought about, though they’re well aware of it since it’s been talked about repeatedly on The Big Bang Theory. In any case, creator Steven Molaro said during an interview that they may slow things down to extend the run of the show. Which means George’s death won’t happen for another few years.

“That particular milestone is always looming, and we’ve flirted with it through adult Sheldon’s dialogue in Young Sheldon’s voiceover. The show has gone on for two more years, but we’re not making that much progress. But it’s something we’re always aware of, as the show inevitably goes on and the kids grow up.”

However, Molaro also pointed out that this spin-off is not subject to a regimented time frame and that he can bend and slow down everything that can happen to the main character to make the story more enjoyable and dramatic, and that the story is is counting from a point from the past.

Interestingly, that’s not going to work for much longer as both Iain Armitage and Raegan Revord, who play young Sheldon and his sister Missy, are clearly aging fast, so they can’t pass as 11/12 year olds. after this year.

In fact, a few months ago Revord even posted an image of them, highlighting how much they’ve grown since the series began in 2017 and where their character was headed, posting one version of her and Armitage as toddlers, while in the other one of the actor Jim Parson and the actress who played Missy on the original show, Courtney Henggeler.

Given this, Young Sheldon would need to start setting up the scandal of George’s infidelity, followed by his death, as soon as possible. Whatever the case, Steven Molaro and his team must decide how they want to approach the show’s future storytelling, because the more time passes, the more difficult it becomes.

But, the good news is that after the fifth installment, the CBS television network has confirmed that the series will run until at least season 7, due to a clear testament to its popularity with fans.