Young Sheldon has finally chosen Mandy’s parents, so expect unpleasant visits soon


Georgie better watch herself.

As if Georgie and Mandy‘s relationship wasn’t already complicated enough due to the fact that there was only one pair of parents (and a grandmother, and several siblings, and thank God), young Sheldon is going to bring even more potential discomfort into the equation. In the midst of the sixth season of the drama on CBS, co-creators Chuck Lorry and Steve Molaro have finally found a pair of talented actors to play the role of Mandy’s parents, and it won’t just be one- looks too.

Young Sheldon is no stranger to performing as guest stars of the A+ category. Soon mom and Loudermilk veteran Will Sasso will join the “Good Doctor” and “God Befriended Me” actress Rachel Bay Jones, who will enter the life of the Cooper family. Although we won’t be able to see that many of them until the end of the season, according to Deadline, they are officially permanent guest stars. This may mean that they will appear for several weeks in a row, or they may appear sporadically every few weeks as Mandy moves forward in her pregnancy.

In the role of Audrey McCallister, Rachel Bay Jones will play a stubborn and self-confident mother who behaves rudely when it comes to her daughter. She is especially judgmental when it comes to Mandy’s current status in life, especially when it comes to pregnancy for Georgie, and her thoughts will probably be known to everyone as she is not known for filtering out anything.

It looks like she will be nice enough for George, Mary, Mimo and the rest of the family if the topic of buns in Mandy’s oven does not come up. But the same cannot be said about how things are with her daughter and her husband, where she has a more domineering hand.

On the other hand, Will Sasso will play the role of Jim McCallister. Considering the career of a comedian playing brilliant pranksters, I think it won’t be a big surprise to learn that Jim won’t be a raging fireball of testosterone. Rather, he’s the kind of guy who takes care of everyone’s interests as the owner of a local tire store.

He seems to be as supportive of Mandy and Georgie’s situation as possible, at least mentally. But since this situation has caused tension in his marriage to Audrey, he may have trouble finding ways to calm both women in his life at any moment.

Rachel Bay Jones is just an Oscar without an EGOT, she won her Tony, Emmy and Grammy trophies for her work in Dear Evan Hansen. As for television, most recently she was seen in a recurring role in the ABC series “The Good Doctor” and in the CBS sitcom “The United States of Al,” co-written by Chuck Lorry. So this working relationship was clearly good for everyone involved, as they would be together again for young Sheldon.

The same goes for Sasso: Lorre is also part of the creative team behind Mom. (Also worth noting: both Sasso and Jones appeared in the TV series Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family.) The MADtv veteran lent his vocals to the “F Is for Family” series on Netflix in its final season in 2021, and will soon be seen in Apple’s second season. The original Acapulco TV+.

Actress Mandy Emily Osment achieved great success in “Young Sheldon” earlier this year, ahead of the big pregnancy reveal. And since CBS has already renewed the dramatic hit for a 7th season, there’s a good chance we’ll get to know the McCallister family even more over time, although we don’t know when the two actors will arrive yet.

“Young Sheldon” airs Thursdays on CBS at 8:00 p.m. ET, and episodes are available to stream the next day on a Paramount+ subscription. Go to our TV premiere schedule for 2022 to find out which other shows haven’t debuted yet before the end of the year.


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