Young Sheldon: 10 inconsistencies compared to the Big Bang theory


Content Warning: Below are discussions of alcoholism.

“Young Sheldon,” whose sixth season is now approaching, is a spinoff/prequel of the popular CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” showing the childhood life of one of the main characters, Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons. Weird, eccentric, socially awkward and brilliant, if viewers are interested in finding out what a young Sheldon might look like, this show showcases Ian Armitage’s incredibly believable acting.

The stories and casting are, for the most part, perfect, and the show reveals the origins of many of the fears, phobias, and idiosyncrasies that would define Sheldon in adulthood. It even includes performances by Sheldon’s childhood idol Professor Proton in his prime, something fans of the Big Bang Theory never thought they would see. However, there are a few glaring inconsistencies that should be addressed.

Updated by Tanner Fox on June 23, 2022. Several episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” included Sheldon Cooper’s reflections on his supposedly turbulent childhood in rural Texas. However, while the Cooper family is falling apart at the seams in the new installments of the series, there is still a lot about Sheldon’s childhood that doesn’t make much sense.

From the death of Sheldon’s father George to important events that the attentive Sheldon somehow forgot about, there is much in “Young Sheldon” that has yet to be explained or corrected. Of course, the series was renewed in 2021 for the fifth, sixth and seventh seasons, and the show’s writers have enough time to unravel the enduring secrets of the Cooper clan.

Sheldon said his father was an alcoholic

Of course, Sheldon’s father George obviously liked beer; he usually takes one, maybe two every night, and sometimes three on Fridays. In the eyes of young Sheldon, it might seem that his father drank a lot. So perhaps this is not a discrepancy, since the perception of a little boy is transferred to his adult life.

This was even proven to some extent when Sheldon unearthed an old videotape on which his father gave a parting speech during an episode of The Big Bang Theory, and with Amy’s help realized that sometimes things can be “relative to the observer.” Who knows, maybe drunkenness got worse over time, and fans haven’t seen it yet. In any case, it seems that Sheldon’s father was a man who drank a lot of beer, but had no problems with alcohol as such.

Sheldon’s Schedule Conflicts

In the season 5 episode “Young Sheldon”, it is shown that the main character tightly regulated the use by other students of his dorm room at the East Texas Institute of Technology, although he hated planning such things. Given Sheldon’s fastidious nature and love of routine, one would assume that he would have no problems with this.

In addition, Sheldon’s extreme adherence to the daily routine was an important part of the “Big Bang Theory”. Although it is possible that he developed these features later in life, it is hard to believe that Sheldon at any moment reviled the creation of a schedule for himself and his associates.

Sheldon claimed that he was often bullied

We’ve seen glimpses of Sheldon being teased at school, but it seems that he mostly kept to himself and wasn’t really tortured and bullied as much as he later describes to his friends in “The Big Bang Theory.”

Maybe there are things that fans just don’t show in the series, and there’s more to tell. But judging by what has been shown so far, although Sheldon didn’t have many friends, most of the high school students just looked at him strangely and rolled their eyes. His biggest bully was dumb neighbor Billy Sparks and a little girl whose bullying seemed to stop as soon as it started.

He said he didn’t have any friends

It must surely hurt Tam to know that Sheldon, as an adult, told all his friends that he didn’t have any friends when he was younger. Meanwhile, it seems that he and Tam hang out every day, eat together, study in the library, and sometimes even get together after school.

The adult Tam did appear in “The Big Bang Theory,” showing that Sheldon sort of blocked their friendship after getting upset about Tam leaving, so that could explain this discrepancy. However, it is known that Sheldon has a hazy memory, and it all looks like a ret-con.

Sheldon’s parents seem nice

While Sheldon has often discussed how his parents’ marriage broke up due to his father’s infidelity and an all-night absence, but so far very little of this has become known. Of course, they don’t have a perfect marriage, but for the most part, his father George seems to be a loving and hardworking father.

So, at some point something went wrong, and it just hasn’t happened to Young Sheldon yet? Or did Sheldon really not accurately perceive his childhood?