Young Rock: Series About The Life of The Rock Will Have Season 2


Young Rock: After debuting in February this year, the Young Rock series was renewed for a 2nd season. The series had solid audience results on the American television network NBC, which greatly facilitated interest in the production of a new season. The announcement was made last Friday (30), along with the renewal of Kenan.

The Young Rock story

The series has been compared to the television hit Everybody Hates Chris, which told the life story of comedian Chris Rock.

Young Rock tells the story of the illustrious Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, showing the actor’s path as a football player and professional fighter, until he became today’s renowned artist.

The program takes place simultaneously in different moments of The Rock’s life, with the protagonist being played by four actors. Adrian Groulx brings little Johnson to life, while youngsters Bradley Constant and Uli Latukefu play the actor as a teenager and young adult.

Closing the quartet of interpreters is Dwayne Johnson himself, who appears as himself throughout the series.

More renovations at NBC

In addition to the success of The Rock’s life, another recent NBC series has won a new season.

Kenan tells the story of a widower who needs to reconcile work on a morning program with the raising of his daughters. As he tries to move on, he needs to deal with the opinions of others about how to go about life and educate his daughters.

The series stars actor Kenan Thompson, who hit Nickelodeon with the show Kenan and Kel in the 1990s and the television show Saturday Night Live.


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