Young Rock: serial premiere at Dwayne Johnson


Young Rock, NBC’s new autobiographical sitcom on the life of Dwayne Johnson before fame, debuted yesterday (16). Comedy sails through the decades to tell the interesting story of The Rock.

The pilot begins in the year 2032, with The Rock playing a version of himself in which he is campaigning for his candidacy for the presidency of the United States. In an interview with Randall Park, he says he had to work hard for everything he achieved in life.

A flashback takes the plot to his childhood in Hawaii in 1982. Called by Dewey’s family, little Dwayne watches his father in a wrestling ring while rooting for him. Rocky Johnson was a popular professional fighter and drove a fancy car. However, his family still lived in cheap hotel rooms. The Rock’s father argued that it is important to pretend you have what you want, with confidence, until it becomes reality.

Dwayne Johnson’s adolescence

Young Dwayne, played by Adrian Groulx, grew up surrounded by famous fighters like Junkyard Dog, Iron Sheik and Andre, The Giant.

His father’s lesson continued to govern his life during his adolescence. In 1987, at the age of 15, he is shown stealing funky clothes from stores to impress girls at school.

The teenage Dwayne, played by Bradley Constant, wants to show off for a girl named Karen. For that, he takes the $ 103 he has saved and buys a car from a scary customer at the pizzeria where he works. The car is well finished and barely working. In addition, the radio only plays opera on a single station.

However, The Rock is surprised to find a homeless man named Waffle sleeping in his back seat. Waffle offers to buy drinks for a party and when he sees Dwayne putting on her fancy clothes, he tells how he remembers when trying to impress unimportant people. He says that what really matters is family and integrity.

His speech inspires Johnson to give up the party and pick up his mother at the bus stop. The boy promises his mother that one day he will buy her a red Cadillac. At that moment, Waffle dies inside Johnson’s car.

Then, the Dwayne of the future says that every time he passes in front of a Waffles house, he kisses his fingertips and points to the sky. He says he still simulates his aspirations, as his father taught him, but now he has learned to make the simulation work for him.


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