Young Millie Bobby Brown told about her first days in the thriller “Intruders”


Millie Bobby Brown quickly established herself as one of the youngest gems of the entertainment world. The young actress is a rare unbridled talent who attracted millions of fans at a young age with her fascinating game. The turning point of her success was the enchanting show created by the Duffer brothers.

Although before the Emmy-nominated role of Eleven in “Stranger Things“, she did a great job in the TV series “Intruders”, filmed in Vancouver. Madison’s pivotal role required an incredible range from a young girl to a vengeful older man. Remembering her first acting days, she once reprised her role in this thriller.

Millie Bobby Brown shared her experience as a young actress

In an interview with Spooky Empire in 2016, Millie Bobby Brown told fans about how she played at a young age. While communicating with the panel, she was asked about her role in the TV series “Intruders”. The actress was only ten years old at the time, and she had to portray two personalities because the character is obsessed with an older man.

In her response, the Godzilla star stated that she is very young, new to acting and doesn’t know much about it. “I didn’t realize that the game is like a whole piece on camera, you know, I didn’t understand the whole perspective,” Brown said. Moreover, she added that the only thing she knows how to do is speak the given dialogues. Whereas in order to demonstrate the role of an old man, the body coach taught her to do things like men.

She even acted it out on stage, and the audience applauded her. It’s amazing to know that even though Millie had no experience working in front of the camera, she did it incredibly. From the role of the creepy serial killer Marcus to the young Madison, constantly fighting for the return of her body.

Meanwhile, the British actor has always believed in spontaneity and did not like to rehearse his roles. The natural depiction of things is her style, and this is what led her to a wonderful role in the films “Enola Holmes” and “Stranger Things“.

Have you watched the 2014 drama “Intruders”? What do you think of Millie Bobby Brown’s innate talent? Share your thoughts with us in the comments box!


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