Young Millie Bobby Brown Once Told a “flawless” version of Winona Ryder’s Snapchat Story from the ’80s


Millennials and members of Generation Z, such as Millie Bobby Brown, are familiar with Snapchat or any social media apps. The photo sharing app first appeared on the market in early 2011. It quickly became popular when it allowed users to use interactive live photo filters or effects.

However, while the younger generation quickly adapted to Snapchat, the older generation could not be expected to do the same. Dear 80’s, Winona Ryder also knows nothing about the app, just like our parents! And Millie thought it was cute when she shared a cute story that Ryder told her on the set of “Stranger Things.”

Millie Bobby Brown shared a funny story about Snapchat, which Winona Ryder told her.
Winona and Millie Bobby Brown get along well not only on the screen, but also off it. As Millie told at the Spooky Empire event in 2016, they share a strong bond. Apparently, she has an “impeccable” story for everything. And this time she shared a story about Snapchat when a teenager asked her about the app. Ryder told her that during the filming of Heather, when they were at the gas station, they had chips called Snapchatters.

“When I was filming Heather, they had a scene where we were in the garage. They had chips called Snapchatters,” she said. Of course, actress Enola Holmes was quick to tell her what the app meant. Edward Scissorhands confused the teenager even more when she admitted that there was no app store on her phone!

Since “Stranger Things” ended with the fourth season, the actress was busy filming the sequel to Enola Holmes. In the sequel, a teenage detective will work on the case of a missing girl with her brother Sherlock Holmes. She also made headlines about her salary for the film, which is reportedly $10 million. The trailer appeared on the eve of the premiere of the film on November 4.

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