Young Judge Shows how strong Miss Martian really is


Warning: below are SPOILERS for the finale of the fourth season of the series “Young Justice”

The true level of Miss Martian’s power was firmly established in the fourth season finale of “Young Justice”, “Death and Rebirth”. The Martians are one of the most powerful species in the DC Comics multiverse, with most of the various Martian races of Young Justice possessing shapeshifting, phasing, telekinesis, and telepathy abilities in addition to enhanced strength and durability. Ten years as a superhero have honed M’gann M’orzz’s abilities to the point where she is strong even by Martian standards and is arguably the most powerful member of the Justice League.

The potential of Miss Martian was revealed at the beginning of the first season of the series “Young Justice” “Fault Tolerance”. It was here that her Martian Hunter uncle commented that Miss Martian has the strongest telepathy of any creature he has ever encountered, and that only his excellent training allowed him to break through the telepathic delusion in which she accidentally caught herself and her teammates. a training exercise. Unlike most of the young heroes in Young Justice, M’gann’s problems focused on her resisting the temptation to abuse her power. Ten years as a hero developed M’gann’s ability to control her powers, although she also acquired a guilt complex that forced her to suppress all her power.

The events of the 4th season of “Young Justice”, episode 26, “Death and Rebirth”, gave Miss Martian a rare opportunity to fight without limits, as she joined the battle against a team of villains consisting of several rogue Kryptonians under the command of General Zod and her own unholy brother Maalefa’ak. As they flew to battle, Nightwing told Miss Martian that he knew she was afraid to abuse her power, but that she was a “sun ball hiding a terrifying demigod” and that the world couldn’t let her hold back. . However, considering that these were the very villains who brainwashed M’gann’s young fiance, Conner “Superboy” Kent after nearly killing him, the real test of M’gann’s power was that she restrained her temper when facing such a dangerous team.

M’gann’s most impressive feat during the ensuing battle occurred when she opposed Ursa Zod, the wife and deputy of General Zod. Ursa was the most dangerous member of the villainous team, possessing not only the enhanced physique that the Kryptonians enjoyed under the yellow sun of Earth, and the tactical mind of her husband, but also the even more enhanced Emerald Eye of Ekron. A sentient mystical artifact that Lor-Zod stole from Metron’s vault chose Ursa as his bearer, turning Ursu Zod in the new Emerald Empress. While the Eye gave Ursa magical power on par with the Green Lantern, Miss Martian was just tricking the Eye and Ursa with the illusion of her death before taking them both out of the fight with a single psychic attack.

Miss Martian also quickly dealt with Lor-Zod, who had previously tried to kill her fiance in the 4th season of “Young Justice”. fight the psychic blast by telepathically shouting to him, “Stop trying to kill my man!” She also took the time to make one stinging telepathic rebuke to Ma’alefa’ak a split second before he was sent into the Phantom Zone by Danny Chase’s telekinetic blast. All this proved beyond any doubt that Miss Martian is much more powerful than it seems.