You’ll Love These Star Wars Themed Pressure Cookers


You’ll Love These Star Wars Themed Pressure Cookers

Williams Sonoma, an American retail company that sells kitchens and housewares, presented Star Wars themed pressure cookers to the consumer’s taste with the Canadian Instant Pot company.

Two of the world’s largest kitchenware manufacturers, Williams Sonoma and Instant Pot, came together to design Star Wars-themed pressure cookers. The companies that have unveiled the first fruits of their partnerships as of today seem to make Star Wars enthusiasts quite happy.

Star Wars themed pots designed by Williams Sonoma and Instant Pot refer to droids and other characters in the iconic series. In their kitchens, the pots that call for those who want to blow the Star Wars wind come in many different designs.

Pressure cookers are available in three different sizes: Darth Vader’s Beef Stew, BB-8 Shrimp Pie, Dark Side Deviled Eggs, R2-D2 Rotisserie Herb Chicken and Chewie’s Chili.

How much does cooking with these impressive pots cost? Williams Sonoma and Instant Pot’s Star Wars themed pots range from $ 79.95 to $ 119.95. On the other hand, it is not only the pressure cookers under the same creation. Casting pans and pots, R2-D2 themed popcorn machines, Star Wars character cookie molds, glasses, aprons and many products are presented to customers’ taste.

Williams Sonoma, Star Wars themed pressure cookers as of today, said the pre-order opened. Customers who want to buy products from the store will have to wait until December 13.

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