You will turn your phone into a webcam for your computer


In times of Covid, teleworking or virtual education has become a reality that, beyond Spain, is beginning to be seen worldwide. This has forced many jobs to start remotely, leading to an increase in video calls. Nowadays, having a decent camera is essential.

It is very difficult to find a decent webcam on a laptop, the quality of these is not good and at the moment we are often limited. But do not worry, you can use your mobile as a Webcam for PC with the DroidCam application, you will not need to spend money to get a considerable improvement.

Its use is very simple, we must install an application on the PC, then install another application on the Android phone, configure it and then use it with Skype, Zoom or other useful remote office programs.

DroidCam, the application that turns your mobile into a webcam

DroidCam is not a completely new application, it was already being talked about in 2011, about 9 years ago. An application has been active for a long time, which is a sign of its quality and usefulness.

What this curious application basically does is turn our mobile into a webcam for the computer, giving an extra quality leap to the great photographic capacity of modern smartphones.

Its operation is simple, it works through WiFi or by connecting the mobile to the computer through the USB port. You can also use the mobile microphone as a computer microphone.

Main features:

  • Connect via WiFi or USB cable.
  • Unlimited free use, no time limits or watermarks.
  • Keep using your phone while DroidCam is in the background (Android).
  • Use DroidCam as an IP camera through an Internet browser, without having to install additional software (Android).
  • Simple, safe, efficient and trusted by millions of people around the world.
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