You will be able to know by law if a mobile is easy to repair


You buy a mobile, and it breaks. Or the tablet is screwed up. Or the washing machine. Or a TV. If they are out of warranty and the breakdown is serious, they will tell you that “for what it will cost you, a new one is cheaper for you.” Also if it is only one piece that has been broken, you can try to change it yourself, but the mechanism is complicated, not very accessible. That’s over, because Europe voted in favor of something called the ‘Right to Reparability’ at the end of last year.

Spain, second EU country to implement it

This same measure will reach Spain, since the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is developing a Reparability Index that will classify electrical or electronic products. The initiative consists of the creation of a seal that will accompany the product in its packaging and that will help consumers to make better decisions at the time of purchase.

The objective of Consumption is to encourage, both in consumers and in manufacturers, repairability in the face of obsolescence, as a way to reduce the ecological footprint. This was announced this morning by the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, during a conference organized by Nueva Economía Forum on the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day, explaining that it is “a consumer’s right to make the right decisions.”

What is the Reparability Index that comes to Spain
The Repairability Index consists of “a classification of electrical and electronic equipment on a scale of zero to ten points that are awarded based on five objective criteria.” To calculate the index, the following elements are taken into account for the final calculation:

Documentation provided by the manufacturer for the repair
The ease of disassembling the product.
The availability of spare parts
The relationship between the price of spare parts and the original product
Other specific criteria depending on the EEE category (assistance and ease in software restart).
Each scale will have a maximum of twenty points. The Repairability Index is calculated by adding all the points and dividing the result by ten. It will be the manufacturers or importers themselves who calculate the index of the electrical or electronic devices that they commercialize, in accordance with the established parameters. The Consumer and Market Surveillance authorities will be the ones who supervise that the labeling is correct.

France implemented this system in 2020, following the recommendations of the European Parliament. Spain will be the second country to implement the measure.


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