“You” Wants “Wednesday”! Will Jenna Ortega Be Able to Unexpectedly Return to The Netflix Thriller with Penn Badgley in The Fifth Season?


Immediately after the release of “Wednesday” became a real sensation. Leading actress Jenna Ortega has received huge recognition for her impressive performance in the show. However, the actress also received praise for her appearance in another Netflix thriller, “You” in the second season. Looks like Netflix got lucky for Ortega. After the 4th season of the TV series “You”, will the American star be able to return to Netflix Original?

When the creators of Netflix Original were planning the fourth season of the show, they had a plan to bring back Jenna Ortega. However, due to a busy schedule, the actress was unable to return. The 20-year-old played the role of Ellie, who was Joe’s tech-savvy teenage neighbor in the second season. She was one of the few survivors of Joe’s devilish side. Now, after the fourth season of “You”, there is a place for her return.

Showrunner Sera Gamble once told IndieWire that she wants Ortega to return in the very fourth season. But they heard that she was filming a show that was on Wednesday. Therefore, they had problems with the schedule.

Now, with the second season of “Wednesday” and her potential role in “Beetlejuice 2”; will the actress return? If she could, how does she fit into the plot of the film?

Here’s How Jenna Ortega Can Get Back to You In Season 5

At the end of season 4, viewers saw how Joe found a way to keep his social life intact while maintaining his murderous life. This is a great opportunity for the return of the “Virgin Jane” star, offered by Slashfilm. Joe had hurt her in the past. She could go back to that moment and connect the dots.

Considering she was a tech-savvy teenager, it should be easy for her to track Joe’s whereabouts now. Finally, Ellie was able to take off Joe’s hero mask and make the world see his real face.

There was a lot of talk about Joe’s profile and actions in the series. The showrunner made it clear in an interview that the more Joe rises, the harder he will fall. And the return of Jenna Ortega, because Ellie could have done it too.

While everyone is waiting for the final and joyful news about Ortega’s return, share your thoughts with us. Would you like to see her in the series again? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.


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