You should charge the switch battery every 6 months


Nintendo warns Japanese users of the need to power the console in order to avoid problems if it is completely discharged.

Nintendo Japan has published a statement addressed to Nintendo Switch players warning of the resulting problems that a completely discharged battery can have for more than six months.

The Japanese firm, aware of the problems that batteries have in disused electronic products, extends this information to the players of the popular hybrid platform, since the type of lithium ion battery that the console uses is susceptible to damage if it remains unloaded for at least more than half a year.

According to the information —translated into English by DualShockers—, Nintendo recommends plugging the Nintendo Switch into power from time to time; thus, it will always be guaranteed to prevent derived problems; from damages such as battery drainage – maximum capacity at levels lower than the original ones – and even battery swelling.

Nintendo Switch has sold more than 61 million units worldwide to date, of which (according to data reported by Famitsu), in Japan there are already more than 15 million consoles if we add the original model and the only portable alternative, Nintendo Switch Lite. This is one of the best platform starts in history.

PSP, an example that demonstrates the need to charge batteries

Without going any further, this summer PSP was a global trend for several days because of the swollen lithium batteries that began to be reported en masse through social networks such as Twitter. PlayStation Portable, which has been out of print for years (and in the drawer of thousands of people without use for quite some time), experiences problems with its small battery when it remains for a long period of time without being used; that is to say, periods where the battery is completely empty and, if it is not connected to power to power it, it ends up swelling to the point of taking the back cover away.

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