You season 3: the actors did not like the sex scenes


Season 3 of You has been available since October 15 and, if it does not end very well for some characters, there are still some intimate scenes between Love and Joe. But Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti confessed, they struggled to shoot those scenes.


They explain why. Warning, this article contains spoilers.

Season 3 of You was long overdue and there is a reason: the Covid-19 pandemic. Filming had to be postponed and did not begin until November 2020. A health context which forced the team to modify the script a little but which also had another consequence, as the actors explained.

The pandemic has complicated You sex scenes

Interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti returned to the filming of season 3 of You and behind the scenes of the intimate scenes. The actors admit it, they don’t necessarily like sex scenes, although they have already shot similar scenes in season 2. “I feel like it was lucky that it started. with a complicated relationship where they face the difficulties of being new parents because it was strange to be physically intimate at the very beginning, even if you are supposed to play a married couple “explained Victoria Pedretti who also reacted to the end of his character. The actress continues: “It’s weird because we have already played a couple before but it did not come back immediately after experiencing a pandemic.” A sensation validated by Penn Badgley. “It’s true that we felt all that” confirms the actor, still for EW.

Scenes had to be rewritten because of the pandemic

In addition to a plot deleted following the death of Mark Blum to whom You are paying homage at the end of episode 1, the writers also had to modify other scenes because of the Covid-19 pandemic. “There have been significant rewrites throughout the season to try to avoid scenes in which we would have needed a lot of people” says Penn Badgley who will be back for a season 4 of which you can see the premieres info as well as our first theories.


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