You saw Caitlyn as a Shocking woman for the first time!


Businesswoman Kim Kardashian broke the silence and spoke about a moment from her past that occurred with her family.

The American businesswoman Kim Kardashian, has become a star of television because she has exposed her life in the project “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, although there are some things about her life that she hid from the spotlight, well disclosed in an interview.

During the Netflix show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction”, the celebrity revealed to David Letterman a moment in his life that completely changed, as he recalled how he reacted when he saw Caitlyn Jenner, his stepfather, doing something unexpected .

Kim Kardashian, the sensual businesswoman, commented that when she was so 26 years old, her mother Kris Jenner was out of town, but when she entered the garage of her house, she found her mother’s husband in women’s clothes, which was very shocking for her.

This is how Kim Kardashian reacted when she saw her stepfather in women’s clothing

In the interview, Kim Kardashian commented that she passed by her, as she packed her suitcase and went to her sister Kourtney’s house, after seeing her stepfather dressed as a woman. The famous commented that at that moment she did not understand what was happening.

The wife of singer Kanye West mentioned that she and her sister searched the internet for an answer after what the businesswoman had seen, but only found a video of Oprah Winfrey, where she spoke about a transgender woman.

“Your mother has no idea and this would kill her.”

The businesswoman’s stepfather looked for her and told her that when she was ready she would like to talk about what she saw at that moment, but told her not to tell anyone, much less her mother, who was not aware of anything, already that he did not want to star in a scandal.

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After a few years, Kim Kardashian’s stepfather explained to the businesswoman that when she was a child, she had those feelings of being a woman, because now she shows a drastic change that has made her very happy, because in April 2015 she made it known its aesthetic changes.

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