You plan to migrate to Telegram, be careful of this danger


After the controversy over the terms of WhatsApp, many users migrate to Telegram, but in this App there is also this danger.

WhatsApp has been the most downloaded instant messaging application in the world, but after announcing its new terms and conditions, it was Telegram that registered an increase in downloads.

You have been one of the millions of people who decided to switch to WhatsApp for Telegram, Somagnews invites you to take into account the following information regarding a danger that exists within this new App.

A few days ago WhatsApp began to send notifications about the new terms that users must accept, yes or yes, to continue using the instant messaging application, and as often happens, many took the time to read the new conditions of use, so they switched to Telegram.

Now, in Telegram you must be careful when activating the “Nearby People” function, as it constantly exposes the user’s location, telling you how far away you are with whom you are chatting or simply being able to send a message to a nearby stranger.

As you can see, Telegram has an easier model so that people, or better said strangers, have more private information about you and even know where or with whom you chat.

What’s more, the specialist on the subject, Ahmed, explained on his blog that it is enough to take a walk through three different points to determine the exact place where the Telegram user is.

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Also, if you want to save the walk, you can use an application that falsifies your location to find where the other person is. Therefore, this function is naturally dangerous because you could tell a stranger in real time where you are.

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