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I think we can all get off the prayer mats now: the Enola Holmes 2 trailer has just appeared at the Netflix TUDUM event. Fans of the detective film starring Millie Bobby Brown were riveted to this event in search of any new revelations about the second part. And the Netflix TUDUM event didn’t let them down. The first trailer of Enola Holmes 2 was presented, and he managed to destroy the already high expectations of fans.
With a brilliant direction by Harry Bradbeer and a fantastic screenplay by Jack Thorne, Enola Holmes’ first film of 2020 brought absolute joy every second of its time. The cherry on the cake was the brilliant performance of Millie Bobby Brown, Sam Claflin, Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter and the handsome Louis Partridge. So what is it about “Enola Holmes 2” that guarantees it will be as brilliant as the first film?

Enola Holmes 2 doubles mystery, thrills and fun

If you have forgotten what a pleasure it was to watch the resolute Enola Holmes stand her ground despite the darkness both in terms of women’s rights and in terms of dangers in the 19th century, the two-minute trailer for “Enola Holmes 2” will refresh your thoughts perfectly.

While the first film focused mainly on how the younger Holmes finds her mother and saves the town on the side, this time she has a new goal. Determined to prove that she is as capable as a fellow detective living on 221B Street and bearing the same name as her, Enola will do anything to solve her first case.

While, on the one hand, Enola is burning with enthusiasm and motivation, on the other hand, the great Sherlock Holmes seems to be in some difficulty regarding his latest case. As expected, Enola Holmes and Sherlock Holmes will team up to solve the case. But, considering that they both have upturned noses, things are not going very smoothly. Enola Millie is ready to fight Henry Cavill’s Sherlock in hand-to-hand combat, only to exclaim “You” when she sees her brother.
The handsome duke from the previous movie will also appear in Enola Homes 2, to the displeasure of the lady detective. Humor, riddles, adventures and Enola Holmes in the role of Enola Holmes will definitely make you sit in front of the screens on November 4, when the premiere will take place.


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