You Have 511 Euros Of Technological Devices At Home That You Do Not Need


Technological: Did you have a digital camera but you stopped using it on your mobile and you have it stored in a drawer? And that console from a couple of generations ago or the one you had for Communion that is in its box in the attic? And the printer you never remember to buy ink cartridges from? We have more unused electronic devices than we think, and a survey has confirmed this.

511 euros

For those who do not know, Milanuncios is a Spanish platform with a lot of experience in the second-hand market where you can find everything from the Playmobil that you lost to a car or a snowmobile.

And taking advantage of Black Friday, Milanuncios has conducted a survey of a representative sample of 1,001 Spanish users to assess how present users are in the second-hand market when making large purchases.

96% of those surveyed admit to having technological products at home that they do not need; 30% also consider putting earlier versions of the device they are going to buy on sale. Respondents estimate having technology items at home that they do not use for an average value of € 511. The ‘top’ of the most recurrent is:

Photo cameras (19%)
Game consoles (10.9%)
Tablet (9.6%)
Printers (9.2%)

Take advantage of Black Friday

As is often the case, technology is one of the most sought-after categories in Black Friday discounts. And 32.3% of those surveyed say they plan to take advantage of Black Friday to buy the latest model of an electronic device. Among the most sought-after technological products will be:

Android phones (13.4%)
Activity wristbands (10.7%)
Smartwatches (10.7%)
Game consoles (8.8%)
Laptops (8.6%)
Tablets (8.48%)
iPhones (7.6%)