You: Everything seems to confirm what we suspected about two of its famous protagonists


Since the debut of the psychological suspense series You, starring Penn Badgley in the role of Joe Goldberg, it has positioned itself as one of the most interesting thrillers with a psychopath as the protagonist with whom the public comes to sympathize most of the time. First seen on screen on the Lifetime network in September 2018 and internationalized by the Netflix platform from December 2019, the addition of Victoria Pedretti in the role of Love Quinn in its second installment took the series to a higher level. acceptance.

After the third season premiered on October 15, 2021 with Badgley and Pedretti again as protagonists, fans of the series were literally blown away by the unexpected dramatic turns seen in the development of Love’s toxic love story and Joe now become parents. A fact that has caused the interest of the public to transcend beyond fiction, taking an interest in its performers.

Regarding the members of the new cast that made up the third season of You, one actor in particular became of interest whose character is related to the character of Love, we refer to Theo played by actor Dylan Arnold. How fans of the series will remember the life of Joe and Love becoming parents to baby Henry and trying to put their murderous past behind them with an idyllic life in the suburbs that is interrupted by unexpected events.

The beginning of a new spiral of uncontrolled murder by the couple caused by Joe’s relapse into his sick crushes, this time directed at his attractive neighbor Natalie Engler (Michaela McManus), brought with it the charming supporting character Theo (Dylan Arnold). ), a teenage college student with drug and alcohol problems, stepson of Matthew Engler (Scott Speedman), a well-known director of a technology company and husband of Natalie.

One of the most unexpected arcs of the You narrative in the third season of You corresponds to Love’s short affair with Theo. As you may remember, when Joe’s deranged wife meets her roguish neighbor they begin a friendship with a spark of attraction, which she is fueled as she desperately tries to make her marriage work. The problem is that his way of making it work was to kill anyone who stood in the way, including Theo himself.

However, the interaction between the two characters transcended the series, when the public began to suspect that between the interpreters there could be something more than a joint work in fiction. Love and Theo go beyond the limit of friendship with an intimate relationship, their on-screen chemistry was one of the most commented events on social networks by You followers, taking into account that although in the story the boy is supposed to is 19 years old and Love approximately 27, in real life Dylan was 27 years old and Victoria 26.

The possible confirmation of these suspicions later came from the hand of some media outlets in the entertainment industry, who took it for granted that the stars have a romantic relationship in real life after working together on You. While Dylan Arnold and Victoria Pedretti didn’t confirm it with any statement or social media posts, the two have been spotted quite frequently spending a lot of quality time together, though it could also technically mean they’re just friends.