You can order an Uber up to 30 days in advance


Uber has announced a new feature to allow users to book races 30 days in advance and choose their favorite driver for the trip. The novelty, called Uber Reserve, will start appearing on the app next week.

In addition to having access to the value of the race in advance, passengers will be able to list their favorite drivers, gaining priority over other users. Although this offers more comfort to passengers, the company has made it clear that drivers will not be forced to accept the race.

According to Uber’s product manager, Geoff Tam-Scott, the company noted that the covid-19 pandemic has intensified the use of the original scheduling feature (which allows reservations up to 2 hours in advance). As a result, the application decided to implement an update to make it even more flexible.

Guarantees for possible delays

In addition to these advantages, the new booking mode will have an additional grace period of 15 minutes for any passenger delays. On the other hand, if the driver is 1 minute late, the app will offer the user $ 50 in Uber Cash. In a statement to TechCrunch, Uber said that this amount will be paid by the company itself without prejudice to its employees.

More protection for drivers

The scheduling benefits are diverse, but they don’t just include passengers. As a way of safeguarding drivers, the company determined that if a reservation is canceled within an hour before travel, they will receive the full fare.

US release

At this first moment, the Uber Reserve will be launched only in 20 cities in the United States and only in the Uber Black and Black Premium SUV modalities. The company’s forecast is that, by the end of the year, the novelty will be extended to Uber X, Comfort and XL. Unfortunately, there is still no expectation of when the resource will arrive in Brazil.

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