You can now send better quality photos and videos


WhatsApp is updated again and has done something that we all wanted, to be able to send photos and videos without reducing their quality.

The instant messaging application known as WhatsApp is undoubtedly the App par excellence, however, it continues to improve to provide an even better service.

Among the improvements that WhatsApp is applying, there is a request that many users have expressed, the quality of the images and videos. It is not that through the messaging application they could not be sent but that when a video or image was passed through the App they lost quality.

As we mentioned previously, Facebook’s sister application continues its updates, in fact the last one has been about its video calls and the other, which is the one that Somagnews will focus on, is related to content.

WhatsApp and its updates

The content sharing function is one of the most comfortable that we can find on iOS and Android. Thus, from other applications, we can select share and select WhatsApp and the chat in which we want to do it.

But, the possibility of copying photos directly in the chat as it is done in Windows was not present, being able to send photos by WhatsApp without losing quality.

All that will change with the WhatsApp Beta version for iOS. With it, we can copy several photos in other applications and paste them directly in WhatsApp. To test it, we can go to the Photos app, select several and click Export> Copy. If we open WhatsApp, and we press and hold to hit Paste, we can send large files in WhatsApp, including photos and videos.

In these months, surely you have received a request to join a group video call of friends or family, and you have not caught it in time. In the event that the call is taking place between people who, if they took it, it is not possible to join unless one of the participants invites you.


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