You Can Now Review Native iPhone Apps From The Apple Store


Apple has surreptitiously made a change to the App Store digital store policies for all of its platforms.

From now on, it is possible to leave reviews and comments on the brand’s native software and services, that is, those applications that are already pre-installed on the devices. This includes both simpler apps like Compass and Calculator and services like Apple Wallet and FaceTime.

According to the 9 to 5 Mac website, the decision was made with the release of iOS 15, but without an official explanation. However, there is a very valid hypothesis: the restrictions on the evaluation of pre-installed apps could be seen as an anti-competitive market practice by competitors or regulatory agencies, as it prevented the direct and equal receipt of feedback on brand services that are “suggested ” to users.

In addition, constructive criticism can help the company to work on changes for some services. The “Bolsa” app, which shows the stock market’s progress, and the “Podcasts” aggregator suffered several criticisms on the page for lack of resources or poor acceptance of the latest redesign.

You can check all Apple-developed applications at this link. They are separated by platform or operating system.


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