You Can Now Make Video Calls With A Thousand People On Telegram


Telegram: Almost always above WhatsApp in terms of news, Telegram is usually always the first to release new or expand limits that the Facebook app then seeks to reach. And although, curiously, it has been incorporated late into the subject of video calls, it has just established a standard that WhatsApp will cost it a priori to reach, because it already allows group video calls in which there are up to a thousand viewers watching the content.

We are going to review all the news for Telegram released in its latest update:

July Telegram update

Group Video Calls 2.0

Group video calling allows up to 30 users to stream video from their camera and screen, and now 1,000 people can watch anything from online conferences to live rap battles. According to the Telegram itself “we will continue to increase this limit until all human beings on Earth can join a group call and see us sing to celebrate (soon)”.

To start a group video call, create a voice chat from the information page (in the ⋮ menu on Android) of any group in which you are an administrator, and then activate your video.

Video messages 2.0

Video messages are a quick way to share your surroundings without adding another video to your gallery. Now they have a higher resolution and you can click on a video message to enlarge it. Tapping an extended video message will pause it and you can fast-forward or rewind the message in case you’ve missed something.

To record a video message, tap the microphone icon in the message bar to switch from recording voice messages to recording video. Press and hold to record, then tap the camera icon to switch back.

Your device’s audio will continue to play while you record, so now you can sing along to your favorite songs or reply without pausing your podcast. Plus, rear-facing camera recording lets you pinch-to-zoom and capture things from a distance or add a dramatic effect.


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