You can now find the location of your Samsung phone.


Losing your phone is equivalent to a situation of pure panic today. And it is no wonder, because basically we have entrusted everything to that device: family photos, contact agendas, WhatsApp conversations, banking information, etc … For this reason, many companies offer services and tools to locate a smartphone in case of get lost, like Samsung’s Find my Mobile app.

Find the mobile even off or without internet

Find my Mobile, translated as Find my Mobile, is a service that Samsung provides to its smartphones. With ‘Find my Mobile’ you can locate your mobile in case of loss, backup the data stored on the device in Samsung Cloud, lock the screen and even block access to Samsung Pay, all remotely. You can also delete all the data stored on the device.

According to the 9to5Google website, Samsung has updated its application to be even more powerful, allowing the mobile to be located even if it is not online at the same time through the data plan or connected to a WiFi. In fact, you can even find it even if it is turned off.

How does this work? According to Samsung, other Galaxy devices near the lost mobile that have the same function activated will be able to scan it to discover it and report the last location of the smartphone.

Notice for Samsung users

The new capability of the app comes in version of Find my Mobile, which is currently being released by Samsung. And it is not only limited to mobile phones, but it also applies to other Galaxy devices such as tablets.

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