You can now create your profile on Weverse


Weverse released a new update and now you can create your profile within the application, we tell you how to achieve it step by step.

Social networks are a key place for the interaction of fans as a community, but also to get a little closer to their idols and favorite groups through online platforms. Weverse revealed new alternatives in its application that you will surely love, so we will show you how to create your own profile.

Weverse is a platform that has won the affection of many K-Pop fans because some Big Hit Entertainment idols often use this app to communicate with their fans and have brief interactions such as exchange of comments, so it is about a good method to interact with other fans and, if you’re lucky, also with the members of BTS, TXT, SEVENTEEN or Gfriend.

Although previously you could create posts and see what others were saying, now you can also have your own profile in this application.

With a profile on Weverse you can show a little about who you are, follow others and see their profiles and posts, but how do you do it? Keep reading and we will explain the instructions to design your profile.

The first thing you should do is go to the menu bar located at the bottom of your screen, there you will select the ‘More’ option, which is distinguished by having three points.

Then you must select the community you want to be part of and then choose the option to ‘create a profile’.

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You will start creating your profile by writing the nickname you want to use and a brief presentation about yourself.

If you do not see the option ‘More’ with the three dots, it means that you need to update the application on your phone to get the most recent version.

Once you have your profile you can add a profile photo, header and show others the presentation you wrote.

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