You can now control your Lamborghini through Alexa


For more comfort and safety, Lamborghini Huracán EVO will use Alexa to control some features of the vehicle. Amazon and the Italian automaker have entered into a partnership to boost the integration of the assistant in cars.

Using voice commands, drivers can ask Alexa to adjust the climate and comfort settings, such as controlling the temperature of the air conditioning and indoor lighting. As well, it will be possible to trigger the assistant to perform other tasks directly from the vehicle.

The Lamborghini Huracán EVO has several physical controls on the steering wheel and the driver’s side door. However, most features need to be activated on the car’s center panel – causing the driver to divert attention away from the route.

Thus, the integration with the assistant collaborates so that the person has more freedom behind the wheel. For example, just say the phrase “Alexa, I’m hot” and the assistant will turn on the vehicle’s air conditioning, while the person follows the road attentively.

Amazon has tried to help drivers with Echo Auto in the past, but the gadget does not offer widely useful benefits. In this way, the recent integration with the Huracán EVO really shows what it is like to have real control of a connected car.

Sold from R $ 2.8 million in Brazil, Lamborghini’s new luxury models will be integrated with Alexa from the factory. In the meantime, current owners of the vehicle will receive support from Amazon’s assistant free of charge.

Volvo and Google partnership

Amazon and Lamborghini are not the only technology and automobile companies to create partnerships for a connected car. In 2020, Volvo’s Polestar 2 hit the market bringing Android Automotive integrated with Google Assistant.

Similar to the example above, the assistant also responds to voice commands to perform certain actions such as turning on the air conditioner. In the spotlight, it can perform several other functions that are not part of Android Auto.


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