You can find the song mumbling your tongue


Google has added a new feature to its search tools that allows you to hum (or whistle or sing) an annoying song that gets stuck in your head and then use machine learning techniques to try to identify it. This feature adds a new “purr to call” feature.

The new feature can be used in the Google app on both iOS and Android, or the Google Assistant. Just ask Google “What is a song” or tap the newly added “search for a song” button. After that, you should hum the song that stuck in your head. Next, Google will show you the results it thinks are likely to match, and then you can tap the results to listen.

Google says this feature works by “converting the sound into a number-based sequence that represents the melody of the song” using machine learning models, and then it can compare it to existing songs. The company says it trained these models on “various sources, such as singing, whistling people and studio recordings,” and weeding out things like instruments and vocal quality just to focus on this digital series. As a result, this search feature should work whether your music ear is good or bad.

The new search buzz feature is available in English on iOS and in over 20 languages ​​on Android. And more languages ​​are planned to be added in the future.

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