You can find out if your account has been hacked


Your WhatsApp account is always at risk, especially when you use WhatsApp Web, so we bring you tips to know if you have been a victim of hackers.

WhatsApp has become one of the most used apps in the world, not only on mobile phones, because thanks to its WhatsApp Web extension, millions of people use them on their PCs and Macs.

Likewise, this also implies a great risk to your data, since there are hackers who access your information or spy on your conversations, so now we will share some tips to know if your account has been hacked.

On more than one occasion we have seen cases of people being spied on through WhatsApp Web, where their privacy is invaded and they even lose important data in their conversations.

So you can know if you have been hacked WhatsApp

Recently, the Metro Ecuador portal revealed a series of anomalies that appear on devices when their WhatsApp or WhatsApp Web accounts have been compromised or hacked by third parties.

In the first ones, you can detect if your account has been hacked depending on the state of the battery, because despite giving little use to the phone, it drains too quickly, just as the computer begins to overheat.

As we mentioned in Somagnews recently, there are many ways to hack WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web accounts, so in addition to knowing what they are, with these tips you can detect it easier.

How to avoid being hacked on WhatsApp Web

Another example is that the phone vibrates too much, even if messages are not being sent or received, in addition to crashing for no apparent reason, which without a doubt is a clear sign that someone is spying on you.

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So far there are no applications or tricks that allow WhatsApp to be completely protected, so the most efficient way so far is to go to the app settings to protect and encrypt messages and conversations.


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