You can finally get The Quarry Unobtainable Hardbass achievement


As with the vast majority of game releases, there are several trophies/achievements to unlock in The Quarry, and now one of the broken ones in the game, the Hard Pass, is achievable via a workaround. Developer Supermassive Games is working on fixing this issue with The Quarry, but has not yet provided any information about when this fix will be released. Instead, players have been working on finding ways to work around the bug that prevents them from getting the Hard Pass achievement so that they don’t have to wait longer than necessary to perfect The Quarry.

The Quarry is a horror created by the developers of “Live to see the Dawn”, in which choice matters and can change the fate of the characters. The Quarry takes place not in the snowy mountains, but in a classic summer horror camp, which tells the story of Hackett’s Quarry counselors. The characters of The Quarry face a terrible death, but players can also choose who will live and who will die before starting the game so that it plays out like in a movie to relieve the stress associated with choosing under pressure.

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Fortunately, players who have been waiting for the Hard Pass achievement fix can now get 100% of their game using the workaround found by JovialTrash4335. The problem with the achievement is that the game doesn’t recognize the choices the player makes with Eliza in the first five chapters. However, with the help of the JovialTrash4335 workaround, players have a pop-up achievement that allows them to pass The Quarry by 100%.

The Quarry Hard Pass Trophy Workaround Includes Tarot Cards

The Hard Pass workaround is not too difficult, but players should strive for it from the very beginning of the game. First, players need to find at least one Tarot card in each chapter of The Quarry. Then, when players reach Eliza at the end of each chapter, they need to choose to move on and immediately pause the game and then exit it. This saves the player from being able to refuse Eliza’s help, and the achievement should appear as completed at the beginning of Chapter 6.

Although it is not a direct sequel, The Quarry is considered the spiritual successor of “Live to See the Dawn”. Unfortunately, The Quarry started with a problem that prevented players from getting 100% of game achievements, but the ingenuity of JovialTrash4335 saved them from having to wait for Supermassive to fix the game to get a Hard Pass. Now players can completely complete the game, waiting for Supermassive to create further to continue The Quarry.