You can completely avoid a fight with the first big boss of the Golden Ring


Margit the Fell Omen is one of the first serious boss trials in the Elden Ring, and players can completely skip the fight, avoiding the place of his rebirth. Margit stands guard at the entrance to Stormvale Castle and represents one of the first truly difficult boss fights in the Elden Ring (of which there are more than a hundred). However, players may choose not to fight Margit at all by completing most of the main Elden Ring quest chain and destroying another boss elsewhere first.

[Attention: this article contains spoilers for the Elden Ring.]

Nevertheless, surpassing the true form of Margit is a difficult task, but it demonstrates an interesting attention to detail on the part of the developer of Elden Ring, FromSoftware. The lore of the Elden Ring is steeped in secrets and intrigue, and the origin of Margit and Morgoth is no exception. Margit the Fallen Omen is actually the false identity of Morgoth, the King of Omens, a relative of Godric the Grafted and the Bearer of the Shards. Morgott, who lives in Leindell, also guards Stormvale Castle at the beginning of the Elden Ring to prevent players from getting any shards of the titled Elden Ring and challenge his powers as a Shard Bearer. It’s also one of the keys to understanding how players can get around the battle with Margit at Stormvale Castle.

In fact, if players decide to avoid approaching Stormvale Castle at the beginning of the game, Margit will not appear. Then players can choose to follow the main chain of tasks of the game, continuing the plot until they get to Leindell, where Morgott lives. While defeating Margit’s boss battle in Elden Ring is optional, Morgott is not, as players need to defeat Morgoth to move forward towards the end of the story. However, this may prove challenging as defeating Margit will earn players a mascot slot, which would theoretically make it easier to defeat Morgott later in the game.

Defeating Margott in Leyndell prevents Margit from appearing in the Elden Ring

Margit Connection/Morgott, if not too practical in terms of player progress, is nevertheless an excellent example of the level of detail from the creative development team of Elden Ring. Since Margit and Morgott are the same character, it would make sense if killing Morgoth’s “true” form would prevent Margit from appearing, despite the fact that these should be two different boss battles. It just shows that FromSoftware was properly true to the world created by writer George R. R. Martin and director Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Margit/Morgott is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the depth of storytelling in Elden Ring. Some of the biggest mysteries of the Elden Ring still cannot be explained, and those that may continue to cause awe, surprise and (in some cases) fans. Needless to say, the textured, layered narrative of Elden Ring is always a pleasant surprise, especially if you take into account the violation of the sequence of the game.