You can claim Bugsnax if you don’t have PS5


PS4 players subscribed to PS Plus will also be able to download Bugsnax this November, to play it the day the new console is purchased.

This November, on the occasion of the launch of PS5, one of the free PlayStation Plus games was going to be precisely for the new Sony console. We are talking about Bugsnax, a funny first-person adventure that takes us to explore the island of Snaktooth and deal with the quirky creatures that live there, “half bug and half bite.” Well, Sony has confirmed that everyone can add Bugsnax to their library of games, even those that for now are not going to make the leap to the next generation.

Although the title also comes out on PC and PS4, the version of Bugsnax that will be given away with PS Plus is the one for PlayStation 5. Even so, and as we said, anyone can save it in their profile to enjoy it the day they are animated and buy the console. “Don’t you have PS5 yet? Add Bugsnax to your library of games and it will remain there as long as you remain a member of PS Plus”, can be read on the PlayStation website itself. Sony thus repeats a movement that already happened in its day with PS4 and PS Vita, platforms that many released with a good reserve of games thanks to the subscription service, which was also advancing titles for them to PS3 users.

More free PS Plus games in November

In any case, Bugsnax isn’t the only PS Plus game for November. This month we can also download Hollow Knight: Emptyheart Edition (one of our 10 favorite Dark Souls games), Middle-earth: Shadow of War (sequel to Shadow of Mordor, one of the most successful adaptations of The Lord of the Rings of recent years) and finally Melbits World (a collaborative 3D puzzle arcade in which we control the stage, not the characters). All of them can now be downloaded, while with Bugsnax we can do the same between November 12 and January 4.

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