You can change Google icons and go back to old


If you miss your Gmail, Calendar, Documents and other components of the Google Suite above, you can change the image with the following steps.

In recent days, Google has revamped its app gallery image with the launch of Google Workspace, a G Suite redesign designed for work. Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Meet are included in this package, although Search, Maps, News, Photos and Shopping also follow that design line that drinks from the classic colors of the browser, but there are many people who miss the previous design.

Although most of the reviews focused on using that same pattern, they are very difficult to differentiate at a quick glance. To this must be added that many users do not like the changes and prefer to keep things as they are. For all of them, good news: you can get your old Google icons back with a Chrome extension, so below are the simple steps to change them again.

Google and its new updates

It is worth mentioning that this extension was created exclusively to revert Google icons to their older designs. As such, its name is pretty straightforward: Restore old Google icons. And that’s it. It is available for Chrome and according to its website will be coming to Firefox soon.

What the top search engine in the world is looking for, we are talking about Google is to unify its image and gain brand identity, this move has been regular for the technology giant and many of its users have complained that it is impossible to distinguish some icons from others, especially when you see them in thumbnail at the top of a small tab in your browser.

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