You can carry Windows 10 and 11 with you!


Thanks to the OS2Go software developed by EaseUS, you can have portable Windows 11 and Windows 10 versions.


Today, we prefer SSD disks for computers to perform at their best and operating systems to open everything from programs to files in the fastest way possible. While Windows 10 and soon to be released Windows 11 have come a long way, did you know that you can carry these operating systems with you?

Various solutions for installing operating systems on external disks / memories have been on the market for a long time. However, there is always a need for software that offers various options for both Mac and Windows and has more than one feature in this area.

OS2Go: Take Windows 11 with you via USB stick

Thanks to EaseUS OS2Go software, you can install Windows 10 / 11 operating systems in your USB memory or external disk and carry it with you. The main reason why this software is one of the most stable solutions is that it directly supports Windows To Go, the feature by Microsoft that allows you to carry the operating system in your pocket.

Moreover, the capabilities of the software are not limited to these, thanks to OS2Go, you can prepare Windows installation USBs for use on devices running Mac operating system.

In this way, you can be much faster in installing Windows on a Mac with Bootcamp or preparing an installation disc for a PC next to you.

You can click here for more information about the product. You can also get a lifetime license with a 50 percent discount by clicking here.


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