You Can Buy Mr. Bobby’s Original 1990s Costume on eBay.


Mr. Blobby’s original 1990s costume is for sale on eBay.

The character became a huge hit on the BBC, mainly on the Saturday night show Noel’s House Party with Noel Edmonds.

After the suit was put up for sale this week, more than 100 bids have already been submitted for the original suit, with the highest current bid being £17,200.

However, the description of the item showed that due to copyright laws regarding the character, the item can only be used for home use.

The seller wrote: “This suit is made of foam rubber, covered with a material like rubber, with a shoulder rest. Consequently, since it is already more than 25 years old, foam and rubberized coating inevitably age.

“This means that it is less wearable, as the device is not very flexible, as it was in 1996. In addition, two hands require reattaching to the body, one of the plastic eyelets is cracked, and the bow tie needs to be fixed. .

“In general, it’s not so bad for its age, but there are wrinkles and dust on the coating, and in some places it takes a drop of glue to make everything work.”

They added: “This is an iconic TV character from one of the most popular TV shows of the 1990s. He’s been with me all this time, but now moving means I need to find him a new home.”

Last year, Self Esteem told NME about how she met Mr. Blobby during an appearance at The Big Breakfast. When asked what the pink and yellow icon looks like, she replied: “Sexy, interesting, shorter than you think!

“It doesn’t get any better, does it? The day I met Mr. Blobby… I don’t need anything else. Do you know that they used a voice on it? Vocoder? Obviously, they didn’t have that, so the guy in the suit tried not to make noise. When I hugged him, he just said “drop-drop” in a normal male voice. Poor guy.”


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