You can be hacked in seconds! Here is that WhatsApp scam


A TikTok video explains how to deal with a WhatsApp scam that has become popular recently.


While the use of WhatsApp continues to increase, the types of scams are also increasing. The Internet and social media are actually a huge pool of information for people. It also has rich resources in terms of entertainment and culture. However, the scammers’ eyes are on the question of how they can deceive people instead of these blessings.

An interesting post was made on the Yahoo UK TikTok account. A female reporter talked about what kind of messages you should watch out for if you want to prevent hackers from stealing your money. Here is that video and the method of fraud that has started to increase again…

This WhatsApp fraud method carries great risk

A video on Yahoo UK TikTok has recently become popular again, The Sun reports. Because many social media users face a great danger on WhatsApp. The video explains how to deal with these scammers.

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The video shows the popular WhatsApp scam method once again recently. In the mentioned scam, users are asked for security codes. The reporter said, “If you receive a WhatsApp message like this and you intend to reply, stop immediately. There’s a pretty sneaky scam on WhatsApp right now that you need to know about.” said.

In this method, fraudsters send a six-digit WhatsApp code. In an incoming WhatsApp message at the same time, you are asked for this verification code. Moreover, the verification code is almost the same as the verification code messages from WhatsApp.

In this screenshot taken from the video, a message appears as if it is coming from close to you.

If you receive such a message, never reply. Never share your WhatsApp verification code with anyone. Because sometimes scammers can appear to be close to you. Of course, it does this by taking over the account of the person you are close to.

If you share your verification code with these people, your account will be hacked and you will now be a part of this fraud story. Fraudsters can send a message to your friends through your hacked account, ask them for money or such information. They can also read your messages.

Therefore, if you receive a message on WhatsApp that raises suspicion of fraud, call your friend who sent the message or talk face-to-face. Apart from that, it will be useful to turn on two-step verification so that your WhatsApp is also protected with a PIN.


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