You: 3rd season of the series has news shared by showrunner


You: Fans of the Netflix series You are getting closer and closer to seeing the new craziness of Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley). That’s because the show’s showrunner, Sera Gamble, may have shared an update on the status of season 3 recordings.

What does the showrunner in the You series say?

On her Instagram, Gamble shared a photo of the first page of episode 10 of the new season with the caption: “Getting close”.

The bottom right corner of the image shows how many times the script has been revised, suggesting that the team and the cast have been working on season 3 since January this year. The showrunner purposely inserted heart emojis into the chapter’s name so as not to give further details.

However, fans have already deduced that this must be the last episode of the season, since You usually have 10 chapters per year.

What will be the story of the third season of You?

Joe Goldberg is a charming young man who becomes an obsessive stalker when he falls in love. In the first season, Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) is the victim of Joe’s obsession.

To escape his murderous past, the young man moves to Los Angeles, where he meets his next crush: Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). What nobody expected was that the girl was as crazy as her boyfriend.

The new episodes will follow the shocking events at the end of last season, in which Joe realizes that his game has turned against him. Love confesses to being a killer capable of everything for love and reveals that she is pregnant. In addition, the last chapter ends by suggesting that Joe will have a new obsession: his neighbor.

The new season for You has no premiere yet.


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