Yoru can make you die if you teleport in “Valorant”


The gatecrash of Yoru in Valorant has a couple of problems you can cause death in the attempt. Yoru , the last operator added to the FPS competitive “Valorant” of Riot Games. is the victim of a bug that can cause players to fall across the map.

So if you use Yoru’s teleport JUST as it expires, it kills you from r/VALORANT

The latest capacity issue was revealed in a video clip on Reddit by user “amcaa”. Upon breaking it down, the player uses the “Gatecrash” ability to establish a recovery point before moving forward to search for the enemy team.

He then uses “Spatial Drift” to turn invisible, to provide information to his team. Finally, he reactivates “Gatecrash” to remember, but instead of returning to the recovery point, he falls to the ground.

The bug has already been reported in the last bug megathread, that Riot routinely checks for game-breaking issues.

“Valorant” has recently had an update that allows players to keep track of the online leaderboards from anywhere with access to the web browser, allowing players to better assess their own ranking and the overall competitive rankings in the region.


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