YoonA-starring drama Hush reveals new teasers


YoonA and Hwang Jung Min will star in ‘Hush,’ a drama that will portray the adventures and challenges of reporters in a national newspaper. Check out the new previews before they premiere.

Korean dramas have managed to portray the reality of different areas so that viewers from all parts of the world get excited, now a series will immerse you in the dynamics of the media.

‘Hush’ is the new K-drama starring Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and Hwang Jung Min, the plot centers on the offices of a print newspaper that seeks to renew itself in the face of digital media.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA will play Lee Ji Soo, a reporter who is brave and talented, her youth and inexperience will inspire Hwang Jung Min’s character Han Joon Hyuk, a famed journalist who lost his passion for his work after his years as a writer in Maeil Korea.

The drama shared a series of hilarious previews where netizens can witness the good chemistry of the cast and each of the traits of the characters involved in the story.


Through YouTube, 3 new videos of ‘Hush’ were revealed, which have a retro style and began with a collage of images from newspapers and magazines, then the characters of YoonA and Hwang Jung Min discussed a commercial to renew the image of the publication where they work.

In the other clips, Lee Ji Soo and Han Joon Hyuk appeared next to their boss, to whom they proposed a new tactic to reach more people, the department manager rejected their idea, so the characters looked resigned and sad.

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The song that accompanied the previews of ‘Hush’ is a combination of trumpets that give a special touch to the teasers that showed the dynamics within the mainstream media.

‘Hush’ will premiere on December 11 at 11 PM South Korean time.

Another K-pop idol who has dabbled in acting in dramas is BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, the YG Entertainment vocalist who fell in love with BLINKs’ hearts apparently in big productions.


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