Yoona from Girls’ Generation and Jang Won Yong from IVE show off their beautiful looks


Yoona from Girls’ Generation and Jang Won Yong from IVE were spotted at the MIU MIU Spring Summer 2023 fashion show in Paris on October 4.

While Yoona was wearing a large gray coat over a bright red sweater and a white mini skirt, Jang Won Yeon was seen wearing a black cardigan and denim mini shorts. Yoona exuded her perfect and flawless appearance, and Jang Won Yeon showed off her refreshing and charming youth.

The two idols stood side by side as brand ambassadors

Photos and videos of Yoona and Jang Won-yong from the event were quickly posted to various online communities a few hours after the event. Many Korean fans were able to see the idols and admire their beauty in the fashion city of Paris.

K-netizens commented: “Our princesses are in Paris”, “Yoona is gorgeous”, “Yoona is always beautiful as always”, “Yoona really stands out from the crowd”, “Why am I getting old, Yoona is still Young”, “Yoona makes my heart beat faster”, “How Yoona does not age, she’s so beautiful”, “Yoona looks so crazy”, “Jang Won Yong really doesn’t look like a person, she looks like a doll”, “Jang Won Yong is really beautiful, she has such a beautiful face”, “They both look so cute”, “Jang Won Yong’s body body is another level”, “They both don’t look like real people, how can they be so beautiful?”


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