Yoon Bak Is Both a Loving Father And a Romantic in The New MBC Drama


The upcoming MBC drama “Please Send a Fan Letter” (working title) showed its first shots with Yun Bak!

“Please Send a Fan Letter” is a romantic comedy about an actress who is going through the biggest crisis of her life in the entertainment industry, and a man who must protect his daughter’s pure heart by writing fake answers to her fan letters.

In the drama, Sooyoung from Girls’ Generation plays the role of Han Kang Hee, a top-list actress who is going through the greatest crisis of her career. Yoon Bak will play Han Kang Hee’s first love, Ban Jung Seok, a devoted single father whose young daughter is struggling with leukemia. To protect his daughter’s pure heart, he ends up writing fake replies to her fan letters for Han Kang Hee.

The first still captures Ban Jung-seok’s warm gaze at his daughter. His eyes are full of concern and regret for his sick daughter, making a deep impression on the audience. In addition, the story of Ban Jung-seok, who is raising his daughter alone, heightens the expectation, emphasizing his nature as a loving father.

The other still captures Ban Jung-seok’s affectionate gaze, which exudes romantic charm. The photo of Ban Jung-seok looking at the person next to him with a faint smile and a loving look further stimulates the curiosity of viewers. In particular, Yoon Bak’s tear-stained eyes and warm smile can boast of perfect synchronization with his character, which raises expectations of his role in the drama.

The premiere of “Please send a fan letter” will take place on November 18 at 21:50 Korean time. kst.


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