Yoo Yeon-seok, Mango Yeon, Geum Term and Jung Ga-ram are confirmed for roles in a new romantic drama


Yoo Young-seok, Moon Ga-yeon, Geum Se-rok and Jung Ga-ram will team up in a new drama!

On October 6, it was confirmed that four actors will play the main role in the upcoming JTBC drama “Understanding Love” (working title). The romantic drama tells about four people with different interests who meet at a branch of KCU Bank in Yeonpo and come to understand the true meaning of love.

Yoo Young-seok will play Ha Sang-soo, a man who desires a normal lifestyle more than anything else in the world. He believes that a stable life without incident is the key to happiness, but his life is completely turned upside down when love appears in the frame.

It is confirmed that Moon Ga-yeon will play Ahn Soo-yeon, who leads an active lifestyle to protect herself after growing up in difficult conditions. She believes that love can fall apart in an instant, but discovers that she is falling in love with a man who suddenly appears in her life.

Geum Se Rok got the role of Park Mi Kyung, a brave woman who grew up in a rich family. As soon as she looks at someone, she does everything possible to make this relationship happen. However, there is one relationship that is not going the way she hopes.

Jeon Ga Ram will turn into Jeon Jong Hyun, who is studying to be a policeman. He’s a diligent character who always does his best and wants to become someone good enough for the person he loves. When harsh reality gets in his way, he has to make an important decision.

The drama ‘s production team commented: “Understanding Love” will be very close to the audience, because it tells the story of four men and women with different backgrounds and characters who are entangled in the bonds of “love”.

The premiere of “Understanding Love” is scheduled for the end of this year on the JTBC channel.


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