Yoo Yeon-seok and Jung Ga-ram look at Moon Ga-young With Concern in The Drama “The Interest of Love”


The Interest of Love” announced the struggle of the characters Yoo Yeon-seok and Moon Ga-yeon after significant hugs!

The Interest of Love” is a realistic romantic drama about four people with different interests who meet while working at the Yeongpo branch of KCU Bank. As they become entangled in each other’s lives, they eventually come to understand the true meaning of love.


Earlier in “The Interest of Love“, the gap between the understanding of love of Ha Sang-soo (Yoo Yeon-seok) and Ahn Soo-yeong (Moon Ga-yeon) could not be reduced. Ha Sang-soo didn’t want to lose Ahn Soo-yeon, but Ahn Soo-yeon needed confirmation that his heart wasn’t wavering. The cold war between them, which broke out when Ahn Soo-yeong saw Ha Sang-soo hesitate a little before meeting her, seems to have no end in sight.

When Ahn Soo-young showed her sincere feelings for the first time, Ha Sang-soo couldn’t help but hug her. An unexpected hug that happened late at night in an educational institution not only paralyzed their thinking abilities, but also served as a catalyst that made them react strongly to each other’s looks and gestures. They are looking forward to the result of a subtle emotional tug-of-war between Ha Sang Soo and Ahn Soo Young.

In the midst of all this, newly released footage shows Ahn Soo Young buried in all sorts of documents in bank archives, and Ha Sang Soo and Jung Jong Hyun (Jung Ga Ram) look at her with worried eyes, as if they feel sorry for Ahn Soo. A young man who takes on difficult tasks without showing dissatisfaction.

In another shot, Ahn Soo-young returns to his seat after working late and finds an unexpected item on his desk. The surprise is a hot meal that seems to have been prepared by one of the two men. An unexpected gift that relieves her fatigue, causes delight among the audience.

The next episode of “The Interest of Love” will air on January 4 at 22:30 Korean time. kst. Stay informed!


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