Yoku’s Island Express is free at Epic Games Store


Yoku’s Island Express: The Epic Games Store “spun” their free game of the week and is now offering Yoku’s Island Express. The game can be activated at no additional cost by anyone who has an account on the platform until next Thursday, September 9th.

Yoku’s Island Express is an indie game that mixes many different mechanics – platform, open world and even pinball. Players can choose different paths to complete the game’s objectives, and passing the stages will involve not only hitting the jumps in platform mode, but also getting good at aiming using the pinball ball.

Despite its very arcade mechanics, the game also has a traditional story, with several characters and secrets to discover.

The full price of the game is $37.99, and it can be added to your account for free until 12:00 on the 9th. After that time, the free Epic game “turns” again and goes to Sheltered.

The Epic Games Store has competed directly for attention against Steam since its launch. To conquer its space, the store invests in aggressive marketing, and the weekly free game campaign is one of its best known.

The store even offered some highly acclaimed and interesting titles, such as GTA V and the entire Batman Arkham trilogy. Recently, taking advantage of the announcement of the reboot for Saints Row, players were able to also redeem Saints Row The Third Remastered at the Epic store for free.


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