Yoko Taro to star in biographical manga


It is a special chapter within a work that is dedicated to reproducing the lives of video game developers. Square Enix has announced that Yoko Taro’s biography will be reproduced in a manga.

The peculiar developer, who has achieved international success thanks to Nier: Automata, will appear in a series that will begin to be published on February 21 in Japan. This is a Verified Biography of a Game Developer: Yoko Taro Chapter, which is part of a serial work by mangaka Kenji Yoshida and usually dedicates some volumes to developers.

During the most recent NieR Reincarnation stream, producer Yosuke Saito shared some additional details. He mentioned that the manga is incredibly funny. In addition, he stated that the manga captures some of Yoko Taro’s experiences as a video game developer, which includes her student life.

The information in the manga is taken directly from an interview with Yoko Taro. In fact, it is described as an adaptation of Yoko Taro’s life to the manga. “It looks like my life is going to be adapted to manga (said that as if I was worried),” he writes on Twitter. “By the way, NieR Automata character designer Akihiko Yoshida has also appeared in a manga in the series in the past.”

How to read Yoko Taro’s manga legally

Those who understand Japanese have a chance to enjoy manga completely legally. Just download the Cycomi application, in which the different episodes will be published serially. It should be noted that some of the manga have a paywall. It remains to be seen whether this particular product can be fully enjoyed or not.

In 2020, the year of the pandemic, the NieR saga celebrated its tenth anniversary. The celebration will be rounded off by the mobile releases of NieR Reincarnation and the remastering of NieR Replicant on consoles and PC.


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