Yoko Taro, Nier’s Creative Director, is Already Working On a New Game


Yoko Taro: After the successful launch of the acclaimed remake Nier Replicant ver.122, its creative director Yoko Taro has already announced that he is working on a new project for the producer Square Enix!

The revelation was made during a live performance by Nier Replicant, when the director claimed to be actively involved in a fully digital indie project “difficult to describe and explain”, something “quite out of the ordinary” and which he “would not even know how to explain. or sell the title. ”

For the time being it remains to be seen whether or not the game will have anything to do with the Drakengard and Nier franchises or whether it will be something totally disconnected from Yoko Taro’s most famous works, so we will have to wait a little longer for more details of his next work.

What would you like to see in the next endeavor of this peculiar and creative creator? Tell us in the comments below!