Yoko Taro Creeps That Nier Replicant Will Sell Less Than Nier Automata


Yoko Taro considers that the name does not guarantee success, and anticipates Square Enix that does not expect the same sales figures as its predecessor. form of Nier Replicant, a success that according to Yoko Taro – who is working in his next game – will not be repeated. In fact, the peculiar creative nippon says that the first sound is “a fluke”, and it has anticipated Square Enix that does not expect the same figures.

Taro, not optimistic tan

Despite being one of his usual jokes, Taro is aware that Nier –y su precuela Drakengard- was an absolute niche franchise up to the rank of Nier Automata, developed by Platinum Games. “The sales of Nier Automata were random, and no one from my previous work has sold in any way that has a lot to do”, although they are totally right for what I have exceeded my expectations with Square Enix expectations, agreeing on a success sales and criticism.

“I would like to approve of this opportunity to declare the Square Enix that meets the view,” he writes in a post on the official website of the Japanese publisher. “Only names are similar, and the content of the games is completely different, so it will not sell tan bien”, he concludes.

Taro also gives his view of what Nier Replicant is. “The game is a better version of a title that has been released for 10 years with the name of Nier. So, it’s not a remake or a remaster, it’s a better version, ”she explains. “The principle and the solo intended that it was a remasterización. With the best resolution and everything … But once I started to decide that I would like to touch up the models a little, what I wanted to do with the scenes, etc … we started to see a lot of mejoras and solutions ready. ”

Nier Replicant is also available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and is backwards compatible on PS5 and Xbox Series, as well as on PC. In our analysis we highlight, among other virtues, the post at a technical level, its excellent soundtrack, its narrative and a very positive reinterpretation of the combat.


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