YG Entertainment Presented a Teaser Poster of a New Female Group – Here Are The Details


YG Entertainment has officially announced the debut of a new female group!

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YG Entertainment has released a teaser poster for a new female group

A new female group is going to debut under the management of YG Entertainment! On December 30 at 15:00. KST, the company presented a poster on KST with the words “YG NEXT MOVEMENT” and the date January 1, 2023.

According to the company’s official statement, the new members of the female group YG Entertainment were identified as the seven shadows on the poster.

Check out the teaser poster below!

YG Next Movement

In particular, the shadows of the seven departing girls quickly catch the eye of the audience due to their special atmosphere and atmosphere.

Despite the fact that the artist’s name has not yet been reported, it is safe to assume that this project is a new generation female group that YG has been secretly working on for many years.

The newest female group from YG has been preparing for some time. It will also mark the beginning of the next generation female group YG, following BLACKPINK, which is now one of the best international female groups. They are currently on the “BORN PINK” world tour, attracting the attention of the world media.

Having spent a lot of time and effort on the formation of this new female group, fans are interested to see what kind of charm they will offer starting in 2023.

YG Entertainment’s initial announcement of the debut of a new female group

In an initial statement, YG Entertainment announced on May 18 that a new female group would be introduced. This is reported by the South Korean news agency Newsen.

Previously, it was expected that the upcoming female group would debut in 2021 under the management of YG Entertainment. However, it was somehow postponed.

In 2009, 2NE1 debuted, and in 2016, YG Entertainment introduced BLACKPINK. Fans believed that the new female group would debut in 2021 due to YG’s five-year plan to introduce female groups.

However, YG Entertainment did not confirm the date of the female group’s debut at the time. In addition, the agency did not disclose the concept and composition of the female group, which caused more curiosity in the K-pop community.

Their upcoming girl group was recently announced and all the attention is on YG Entertainment as they are known for hosting iconic female groups in K-pop. These are artists who have had a significant impact that helped shape K-pop.

2NE1 debuted at the time and became legendary. This iconic female group is unforgettable because of their vibrant stage performances and memorable songs. BLACKPINK also made a splash with their searing charisma, amazing music and group chemistry.

Are you excited about the new female group YG Entertainment? What kind of music will the girls give to their fans in 2023? Let us know in the comments below!


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