YFI, DeFi token that surpasses Bitcoin, “still cheap”


YFI is still among the cheapest DeFi tokens, whose price surpasses Bitcoin, according to crypto research firm Messari.

According to crypto money research firm Messari, YFI, which is more expensive than Bitcoin with a price of $ 13,780 and has recently approached the level of $ 17,000, is still cheap.

Yearn.finance (YFI) is one of the cheapest tokens in the DeFi space, based on the price selling rate that the company calculates by dividing the market value of the token by its annual return.

“Over the past few days, YFI has generated $ 21 million in annual returns for token holders,” Messari said in a statement on the subject. With a current market capitalization of $ 390 million, this corresponds to a price-to-sell ratio of around 20 times, making YFI one of the cheapest tokens in the DeFi space. ” said.

With the same calculation, while the price selling ratio of 0x (ZRX) was 1775 times, this rate was 1568 times in the recently discussed project Curve (CRV).

Yearn.finance, formerly known as iearn.finance, is a hobby project from developer Andre Cronje. Yearn.finance was launched in February as a revenue collector for DeFi lending platforms. The platform helps people find where to get the highest return by lending cryptocurrencies.

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