Yes, Won From SF9 Helped Save a Man With Cardiac Arrest by Giving Him First Aid


SF9 member Davon helped save a man whose heart stopped in a sauna by giving him emergency first aid.

FNC Entertainment agency released a statement yesterday (January 5) saying that the idol witnessed a man’s cardiac arrest while he was in the sauna, which he frequents.

According to the statement, Davon helped provide the man with emergency first aid, following the instructions of paramedics on the phone. Later, the victim was handed over to medics who arrived at the scene.

The statement added that after negotiations with Davon, FNC Entertainment decided to cancel the idol’s events for that day. At that time, Davon was going to attend a fan event with other SF9 participants.

“We ask for understanding from fans who are likely to be disappointed by the sudden news of his absence, and we will do everything possible to ensure that the artist regains stability as soon as possible,” FNC Entertainment said in a statement translated by Soompi.

SF9 are going to release new music with the mini-album “The Piece OF9” on January 9th. The album comes six months after the release of their eleventh mini-album “The Wave OF9”, led by the title track “Scream”.

The recording will also show how member Rawne will return to group activities after he did not participate in the production of the album and its promotion due to conflicts with the filming of the drama and the schedules for the preparation of the album.


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